Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what it is all about?~

what is life all about?
to be success?
to have fun?
to life in a stressful life juz for others happiness?
be what others want we to be but sacrifice our own freedom n happiness?
to be what we want to be but make others not happy?
to give our life to the person that we love da most?
or to give it all but we live in hell juz for da sake of the partner happiness?
hurm, to many questions surround me....
make my life all messed up...
i hate this so much...
why i cant have my own life?
why i cant be happy?
is it me, my fault or whose fault is it?
hate it hate it hate it so much...
my life isnt like before....
all are messed upside down...

the river seems at steady flow, seems very calm....
but who knows what lies underneath it....
like a gigantic wave perhaps?
human life?
is it the same?

1 comment:

  1. if me ur best friend upset will u get happier?
    nope rite..
    this is all about life my friend