Saturday, December 12, 2009

book cover never show it contents...

don't ever judge a book by its cover...
sweet outside but inside who knows?
do take ur responsibility, y u have to blame others only without thinking what have u done to the person until that person cant focus at all? risking the person life then u c the person, all the bad words u throw at the person? when u have problem, the person cant sleep coz thinking how to help u, but now when the person r facing major problem related to the dignity n the person future, u shake ur head denying whatsoever u have done to him....
what the F!!!!!!!!!

im still at shock hearing this things, to the person, be strong, let it gone, to the u, make a hole in ur skull(so u can absorb more), so u can think more n more n more hoping u realise what excatly have happen here!


1 comment:

  1. ku rasa dia bahagia je..
    ah lupakan sja dirimu juga layak bahagia.